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Front view of Farm Cass and TRdisklessFbot
TRFD900 Athlon and TRFD 1600Athlon are in here.
TRDF bots 4 and 5
Duron 650 and Athlon 1000
Homemade "server" rack
TRDF server at top emkubed switch hid somewhere
Various other nodes lying on the floor running
The socket 754 next to bookcase is diskless image

Above is pictures of the cass and TechReport Diskless Frankenbot farms. They are very mixed up and intertwined because I added the stuff whereever I had a spot as the parts came in, and then I had 9 motherboards go bad as various times due to bad capacitors (details and pics below).

I have replaced my micro Atx boards with ATX because the M811u pcchips were cheap and henceforth I had to put them on "boards" in the floor.

The "server" rack is an old piece of shelving pressboard.

There are two diskless systems here, one is in the bookcase and the server for it is top right and is FreeBSD4.8. The other server is top on the server "rack" and it is Fedora Core 3 running ltsp4.1 . The FreeBSD diskless system is a gateway through which all the rest runs. The linux system is subnetted and is also a NAT/Gateway for all under it.

The Linux server currently has three nodes running from it, and the FreeBSD server is carrying the rest.. I am getting ready to migrate more to the linux server if I get LDAP to serve a diskless image for wine folding.

Stack of cass MB's that have failed
All these are bad Capacitor failures
Here is what the failed parts look like up close
Look at green caps bulged and some ruptured.

Folding Farm status